http://www.bb.org.bd/ Located at the South East Asia apex of the Bay of Bengal, the country of Bengal (officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh), is bordered by India and Myanmar. This South Asian country is blessed with lush greenery and an abundance of waterways, providing fertile plains throughout the region. With its population at 160 million, Bangladesh is tipped to become one of the world’s largest economies providing promising outlooks for investment and future growth.

Bangladeshi textiles are the leading export commodity, with the United States of America, who import a full quarter of all exported goods, followed by a European group of countries in the order of: Germany; United Kingdom; France and The Netherlands. Garment production, frozen fish, jute goods and leather being the broken down export commodities for the Asian country.

The main Bengali import partners are China, India, Kuwait, Singapore and Japan. Petroleum and oil are the largest import commodities, with other items being steel, iron, chemicals and food items. Over the last couple of years there has been a steady decrease of food imports due to Bangladesh's adequate domestic supply of rice and grains. Our forecast for the country is only positive with future growth continuing to show and providing excellent opportunity for investment.

More information on the statistics can be found here.

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Our team in the Bengal region are client-driven for the provision of financing structures aimed at eliminating cross-border risks on a non-recourse financing. CiTi INTERNATIONAL Bangladesh is partnered with local professionals to develop creative cross-border Import & Export solutions to support our clients.

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